Friday, July 18, 2014

Having Fungus in the Yard

In our deep damp forest we grow lots of fungus.  Here are a few around the yard.

Growing up in the yard about 6 inches.

Four inches tall and spreading its top.

These purple mushrooms are growing up from buried stump.

These large mushrooms (4 in diameter) were growing up from my compost pile.

I frequently see these little bright orange mushrooms.  About 1 inch tall; Maple leaf for scale.  

Dog vomit Fungus or scrambled egg fungus is actually not a fungus.  It is a slime mold...a colony of protists.  When conditions are right, it will produce this bright yellow spongy "fruit" of sorts.  Within a day it is orange-brown, soon turning brown and crumbly.  

The slime mold likes to grown on wood chips.  This is the third "batch" I have show up on a pile of wood chips in my driveway that is waiting the mulch a trail in the trees.

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