Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dog days of Winter

A chilly -18 F this morning.  My wife left the house first this morning and soon phoned back, "Sun dogs!"  So I hurried the kids into the car and headed to daycare with a few stops along the way for pics.  Because the sun is continually rising and changing its angle with the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is continually changing with wind and clouds, the presentation of this atmospheric phenomena continually changes.  Sometimes it lasts but moments.  Today it presented for a long time, culminating with a halo.

7:46am CST at Munger Shaw Rd
Sun dogs with solar pillar rising up

7:51 am over Caribou Lake
Sun dogs with solar pillar down

 8:09 am from Hwy 53 near Twig, MN
Sun dogs, 22 degree solar halo, and a very faint upper tangent arc that is barely visible

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