Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Bluebird Fiasco

First Bluebird I have seen in Minnesota!  I was driving on Howard Gnesen past the cemetery this late afternoon and notice something different about the two birds sitting on the fence.  I turned around and upon re-approach they flitted into the cemetery flashing their colors.  Bluebirds?!  I scrambled for my camera which had on the wrong lens.  I swapped lenses and pulled up to shoot...NO CARD! I left it in my computer!  I fumbled around for the backup card in my camera bag, slide it in, and get a few quick shots before they take off over the headstones.  Then I notice my ISO is set at a grainy 3200 from my previous shoot.  Not on my game today, but I still got the pics.

Eastern bluebird, feathers ruffled in the wind.

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