Monday, April 11, 2016

Blue Ridge Birds

I went to a conference in Asheville, NC and took lots of pictures of course.

From the third floor of the hotel with my phone
Rain over the Blue Ridge Mountains
Clear skies and blue haze
Partly cloudy with awesome blue skies.
I stepped out of the hotel the first morning and was greeted with song! So I went back in and grabbed my camera.

Gray Catbird 
This Northern Mockingbird was at the tip top of a 60-ft tree in bloom, singing his heart out. 
Black-capped Chickadee
A pair of Tufted Titmice were busy collecting materials for nesting


The mockingbird moved down to a much easier height to shoot

 On the University of North Carolina-Asheville campus, everything was in bloom and buzzing.

Carolina Wren

House Finch 
Song Sparrow 
The next few days were windy and the birds were scarce.  On a flight of my own, I got a glimpse of the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunrise
Blue Ridge sunrise from the plane with my phone

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