Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Enjoying these March nights

On March 4th I was standing on Grand Lake in my heavy boots because it was 0 degrees or so, capturing the conjunction of Venus and Uranus, with Mars leading the way for a Triple Play.

Tonight, March 10th, I was standing on Grand Lake in my heavy boots again. Not because it was cold (35F at night is quite warm for March), but because my boots are waterproof and Grand Lake is a slushy mess.  

Standing in several inches of water, I captured the conjunction of Mars and Uranus, with Venus trailing behind.  This second Triple Play was wonderfully lit by the Zodiac Lights!!!

This picture shows Venus, Uranus, and Mars, as well as sparkle trails from Venus and Mars in the water sitting on the ice on Grand Lake

Here is a composite of stacked images that is still in the works.  This image shows the Zodiac Lights along with the Milky Way, with Pleiades, Venus, and mars visible.

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