Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Halo Morning! Halo Afternoon!

A halo-of-a-day!  Started out with a solar halo this morning with faint sundogs as viewed from Pike Lake Elementary.

Followed by a full circle halo with upper tangent arc in the afternoon, as viewed from the UMD campus.  The halo was visible for several hours this afternoon.

Some light on the subject 
Halo and arc viewed with the Kathryn A. Martin Library on the UMD campus.

Solar Globetrotter
Halo and arc around a campus light fixture.

Sieur Du Sol 
The Sieur Du Luth statue on the UMD campus with halo, arc, and jet contrail.  

Sorta looks planetary, like Saturn and its rings.
Upper tangent arc very visible here.

The Untamed Sun and the Wild Ricing Moon 
The very large Wild Ricing Moon sculpture on the UMD campus with solar halo and upper tangent arc.

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