Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Northern Hawk Owl

I have driven up Jean Duluth Rd north of Duluth a few times, looking for the Northern Hawk Owl that resides in the area.  I surveyed the frequented pasture area and was just about to leave when I spotted one.  Kelly J, the name given to this bird, was 200 yards away and given the cloudy day, was hard to shoot.  Standing in the snow in my sneakers, a used the fence as a tripod to steady my shots.  This was my first time seeing a Northern Hawk Owl!  After many pictures I was satisfied and returned to my car, removed the snow from the insides of my shoes, and headed back towards Duluth.

As was I driving along, wishing I had been able to get a closer pic, I see another Northern Hawk Owl right off the road!  Sitting on a high line wire, I was able to walk right up and was about 40 ft away.  Perturbed, it flew across the road into a tree.  But the tree was still pretty close!  So I took lots more pics and got some video (at bottom of page).

Kelly J

Not Kelly J

Check out those talons!

In the tree across the road

There was a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers that were not impressed with the owl's presence.  
This one was brave enough to get close.  The forced perspective of the shot makes the woodpecker seem large, but it is actually a couple feet closer than the owl.

With a chickadee                                  Alone at last  

Preening, and visited by a Hairy Woodpecker.
Don't mind the car noises.

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