Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snowy Owl on a snowy day

One of my goals this winter was to photograph a Snowy Owl.  Achievement unlocked!

I merely needed to wait for these large owls to swing down from the Arctic in search of rodent-shaped snacks.  Other area photographers have been posting pics so I started to keep an eye out, or up, rather, for these gargoyles of the snow-covered tundra.  Photographed near the Duluth International Airport.

Video added at the bottom of the page!

Happy Hour Owl!

Looking over the left shoulder

Head on backwards

Glaring at my presence

Looking over the right shoulder

He got perturbed enough with me and move to a new vantage...

...which allowed me a closer vantage.  I am about 30 ft away here.

Quick video, stabilized with YouTube tools

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